Browse a treasure trove of popular and rare albums by a huge range of musicians at Hamilton's coolest record shop
"That tactile feel of flipping through a stack of vinyl remains one of life's simple pleasures"
Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top
Established in 2017, TRON Records began as a small enterprise, but has now expanded to almost four times its original size including an invitation only area for dedicated collectors looking for only the most prized albums. Our aim is to be the go-to destination for music lovers in Hamilton and around New Zealand for quality vinyl records.

At TRON Records we’re all about being able to see and feel the music as well as hear it. You’re welcome to while away some time in our record store, admiring some artwork and seeing how the record feels in your hands. We’re happy to play the record before you buy too.

We stock everything you might expect and quite a bit that you wouldn't expect too. We love nothing better than finding the perfect album for a customer and you never know what we might have. Once a customer approached us looking for a South African pressing of a Duran Duran album. He had over 200 copies of the same album from all different countries but not this one. The look on his face when we produced the exact copy he was looking for was priceless.

Whether you are just discovering vinyl or the dropping of the needle takes you back to your youth in the 60s, 70s or 80s, we look forward to helping you expand your collection. For those looking for something a little more modern we also have a range of CDs and cassettes for sale. And we stock handmade Steampunk items created right here in Hamilton.
TRON Records is owned and operated by local legend Kerry "Rocky" O'Rourke
TRON Records is owned and operated by Hamilton local, music fan, former Waikato boxing champion and part time DJ, Kerry O'Rourke.

Known affectionately as Rocky after a rock bounced off his hard hat at a mining job in the late 70s and knocked another man unconscious, Kerry is well-known in the area in both the music and sporting scenes. As well as boxing, Kerry has played snooker for Waikato and coached the local men's soccer team. He owned a nightclub for many years and still DJs with a regular slot at The Waikato Commerce Club where he champions old school music with his Over 40s night.

The first album Kerry bought was Abbey Road by The Beatles.

Kerry is ably assisted in the shop and on social media by Aaron Parker. Aaron gave up a high-flying career in retail to work at TRON Records and dreams of opening his own record shop one day.
Get your next event rocking - hire Kerry as your DJ
Alongside his regular gig, Kerry is available as a DJ for hire for private parties and events.

If you are planning an engagement party, wedding, birthday bash or other function in Hamilton and you'd like to put your entertainment in safe hands, get in touch to make a booking.

Kerry will have your guests up and dancing all night long. Contact Kerry for more details.