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TRON Records is centrally located in Commerce Street, Frankton
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Immerse yourself in the music with the huge range of vinyl records at TRON Records in Hamilton
White Stripes founder Jack White once said vinyl is the real deal, and he’s not wrong. There's something about the experience of putting a record on a turntable and dropping the needle, of listening to a collection of songs while you study the album artwork and the liner notes.

That's why we enjoy giving original vinyl records a new home and giving people the chance to relive their love of vinyl or discover the wonder of an LP for the first time.

We stock a huge range of vinyl for sale from classic artists like The Beatles, Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon is the most sought-after album - to NZ bands and more obscure artists. Whatever genre floats your boat, we're bound to have some in stock. Blues, rock, heavy metal, punk, country, disco, pop, R&B - anything goes at TRON Records. If it's good music we'll sell it and if we don't have it on vinyl we might have it in our CD range.

All our records are carefully labelled with:
  • the price
  • artist and album name
  • record reference number
  • release date
  • label
  • format
  • the country it was made in
We also make a note of the record condition so you know upfront what you are buying.

Come in and see us in store today. We look forward to helping you find your favourite band or expand your musical knowledge. If you are looking for particular records for sale, give us a call as we'll likely be able to find it for you. We buy records too, so, if you have vinyl records you are ready to part with, maybe to fund the purchase of something new, then bring them into the shop and we'll give you a valuation. We buy records from all genres as long as they are good quality.
Choose your favourite from our range of vinyl sizes
7-inch - These are 7-inches in diameter and play at 45rpm. They usually hold singles because you can only fit around 4-6 minutes on each side. They were typically used for jukeboxes since the vinyl records were smaller with a larger hole and only had one song on each side.
12-inch LPs (Long Play) - The most common album vinyl, they play at 33 ⅓ rpm and are 12 inches in diameter. LP, as per the long playing name as usually albums and can feature double or even triple records in the one cover. You can occasionally get a 12-inch single.
12-inch EPs (Extended Play) - These are a cross between LPs and singles and have more songs than a 7-inch but fewer songs than a 12inch album.
78s - 78s are the old school of records and were the pre-cursor to LPs. 78s haven't been around since about the 1950s but rarely you can still find them for sale.
Scratches and static ruining your listening experience? Get your records cleaned and enjoy the difference
We know that a bit of surface noise is part of the joy of listening to your music on vinyl rather than CDs and cassettes, but if the static is so loud you can't hear the music anymore then it's time to get your records cleaned.

We offer ultrasonic cleaning that gets all those frustrating crackles out of the grooves and removes the static. Ultrasonic cleaning is done in a special machine that creates large numbers of microscopic bubbles in distilled water using high frequency pressure waves. Records are placed in the machine for 10 minutes and rotated so they are evenly cleaned but the label remains dry. Then the record is dried for at least 30 minutes so you don't get any condensation when you put the sleeve back on.

Most of the records in the shop are put through this process before we put them on the shelf and we can clean yours for you too. The cost is $5 per record but if you are spring cleaning your whole collection we offer a 20% discount for over 100 records. We can clean 7-inch and 12-inch discs.

Give us a call or drop into the shop to organise cleaning.