Great selection for such a small store. Staff are great and happily played the record before purchase, made sure I was happy with my purchase. Would recommend to anyone serious about vinyl or just a casual looking for their favorite albums! Awesome and fair prices!
Felix Woodruffle
Best record store I've ever been to. Big things come in small packages. There got all the quality from every generation possible. The staff are helpful friendly and will just talk music if you wanted. Helped me out heaps with my current collection. Plus they are willing to talk prices to so you go home with what you want.
Robert Wismans
Picked up a number of unusual records at this shop. Plenty of variety and loads of treasures to be discovered here.
Grant Stantiall
Fantastic stock of LPs covering a wide range of musical tastes. I recommend a visit - you won't know where the time went.
Grant Smith
Great spot for record hunting. Friendly staff with heaps of musical knowledge. Albums sorted well so easy to dig through.
Absolutely awesome service. So helpful and friendly. Really went the extra mile to make the customers happy!
Emma D.
Really helpful and friendly staff. Preloved and some new vinyl. Come get your fix from here! Happily introduced my son (14y/o) to the sound of records...big smile.
Yvette Leigh
Tron Records is a great store with fabulous people and great service.
Roger Maru
TRON Records is an amazing shop! I couldn't be happier. They have a great and extensive collection. I'm certainly no expert but they seemed to have quite a few rare records, including a lot of mint-conditon Beatles which I were nearly slobbering over. I purchased 4 records (3 collector's) and I am extremely delighted with my purchase. Rocky was super knowledgeable and helped me find exactly what I was looking for, and gave me a considerable and generous discount. The clerk (Aaron, I believe) was also wonderful and helped direct me around the shop. Both were lovely and accomodating. I don't just highly recommend that you visit TRON- I insist! Really, treat yourself and pay them a visit. It's such a fantastic place and I would definitely go again!! Thank you for such a pleasant experience. I am elated with my records and wasn't expecting such a find. This shop is a true gem!!!!
Ainslie Von Reiche