Tron Records take pride in offering "original vinyl records" from back in the day.
People have to realise that we are dealing with 2nd hand vinyl, some of which are 50/60 years old. You can see what’s involved in producing a good clean vinyl record. For example, when we offer a record in "mint” condition, it will still be hard to match a new record. We do our best to give you (the client) a good quality product. All our records are ultrasonic cleaned and given a detailed examination, prior to grading. Our (inhouse) grading scale procedure is as follows:

Mint: If it's not scratched or badly worn, we class it as mint.
N. Mint: Even if it's slightly worn or has a very slight blemish, we class it as near mint.
Ex Con: It might have a couple of light scratches, etc.
VG+: It would have scratches or blemishes, but it should play through.
VG: It would have scratches and blemishes, but it should play through.
Good: It might be in rough condition, but because it could be a valuable record, we still process it.
Fair: We don't do fair condition!

We are happy to deal with customers from outside New Zealand, please email us in the first instance and we can take it from there.